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ADCC 2013 Ergebnisse – Results ADCC, Ergebnisse MMA/Mixed Martial Arts, MMA/Mixed Martial Arts

Hier findet ihr aktuelle Ergebnisse – Results des ADCC 2013:

Super fights
Andre Galvao defeats Braulio Estima via rear necked choke
Mario Sperry defeats Fabio Gurgel by referee decision

Open weight results
Roberto Cyborg defeats Buchecha by points (10-0)
1. Roberto Abreu
2. Marcus Almeida
3. Keenan Cornelius

Male finals

Marcus Buchecha taps João Gabriel Rocha with a toe hold for his first title.
1. Marcus Buchecha
2. Joao Gabriel Oliveir
3. Roberto Cyborg Abreu

João Assis beats Dean Lister for his first title.
1. Joao Assis
2. Dean Lister
3. Leonardo Nogueira

Romulo Barral beats Rafael Lovato Jr 3-0 for his long awaited title.
1. Romulo Barral
2. Rafael Lovato Jr
3. Keenan Cornelius

Kron Gracie submits Otavio Sousa with a guillotine for his first title.
1. Kron Gracie
2. Otavio Souza
3. JT Torres

After two Overtimes, Rubens Cobrinha finally wins his desired ADCC title by refs decision over Rafael Mendes.
1. Rubens Carles
2. Rafael Mendes
3. Justin Rader

Gabi Garcia taps Maria Malyjasiak to become two times champion.
1. Gabrielle Garcia
2. Maria Malyjasiak
3. Tammy Griego

Michelle Nicolini taps Luanna Alzuguir with a foot lock for the gold.
1. Michelle Nicolini
2. Luana Alzuguir
3. Seiko Yamamoto


ADCC 2013 Ergebnisse – Results
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