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Englisch: FFC 13 IGOR JURKOVIĆ Interview: I WANT TO FINISH THE MATCH IN ZADAR ASAP! International News, Interviews K1 - Kickboxen

Igor Jurković will have his 4th match this year in Zadar, Croatia, at FFC 13 June 6. His current score is two wins and one loss and he will definitely do his best to defeat his new opponent Luis Tavares.

Igor made a great start this year. At the end of the last year he was defeated by Jhonata Diniz at Glory 12 but he soon returned to the victory path at Glory 13 Zagreb. After switching to light heavyweight division, he successfully defeated Michael Duut in the Zagreb Arena. Only a month later at FFC 11 he ended another match with a KO thus defeating Jovan Kaluđerović. Jurković was not that lucky in the USA where he lost to Artem Vakhitov via judges‘ decision.

Despite the recent defeat “The Istrian Warrior” is happy with his results this year.

“It’s OK, I’m happy. However, I cannot be too happy with my last match at Glory with Vakhitov. It just wasn’t my day. I was not fresh enough for the fight. I did not manage to find the response to his combinations and then I lost in the end. That’s sport and things like that happen. You have no right to have a bad day in this sport. But what happened, happened. You gotta move on“, said Igor to Fight Site.

Jurković stumbled in the first round in the match against Vakhitov. Vakhitov landed a direct punch and since that moment the bout went in the wrong direction for Jurković.

“I was not too distracted by that punch. He managed to pass my guard which was practically the only real punch I received during the match.”

This year Jurković dropped from heavyweight category to light heavyweight category. It was already obvious at Glory Zagreb that he looks better and more powerful than he did among the heavyweight fighters.

“Yes, it’s true, I feel good in this category. I am satisfied at the moment. My natural weight is around 98 kg, so it was not difficult for me to lose those 3 kg. It is easier for me to handle the light heavyweight than heavyweight fighters.”

However, the competition in the light heavyweight category, especially when it comes to Glory, is very strong. Glory can boast with top fighters such as Saki, Spong, Ilunga and Cavalari. Jurković is currently number 9.

“When you take a look at Glory lists of the best light heavyweight fighters, if you are at least a little bit into combat sports scene, you will now how tough those fighters are. But that only makes the challenge more interesting.”

Jurković still does not know where and when he is to fight at Glory again, but he believes it might happen in autumn. He is now preparing for Final Fight Championship that is to take place June 6 in Zadar, Croatia.

„I am preparing hard, the tactics is adjusted to my new opponent. Honestly, the trainings are quite rough, but it’s always like that. I really can’t wait to step into the ring in Zadar.”

In Zadar Jurković is to face Luis Tavares. This fighter from Cape Verde is also a Glory fighter and both him and Jurković fought Vakhitov and lost.

“I know enough about my opponent. I already developed my tactics with my coach and you will see it at the match.”

Although he did not reveal the details of his tactics Jurković stressed out his advantages.

“I believe I am a better boxer and that should be an advantage. I will have to be extremely careful about his kicks that can be very dangerous. I will do my best to end the fight as soon as possible, but I approach every opponent in that manner. When it comes to my approach, I never calculate I am sure it will be a great fight.”

Interview by Saša Marić,

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