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GFC Dubai Ergebnisse – Results – Team Ilunga legt Protest gegen Urteil ein GFC Dubai, Results - Ergebnisse K1 - Kickboxing - Kickboxen

17.04.2015 GFC Dubai Fightcard

17.04.2015 GFC Dubai Fightcard






Am 17.04.2015 fand in Dubai GFC statt.

Dies sind die Ergebnisse – Results:

1. Muay Thai – Super Welterweight
Saleed Nouri Long (Iran) def. Jamnian Srikam (Thailand) by TKO in round 1

2. Superfight – Middleweight
Adrian Gârlonța (Romania) def. Jashid Givechi (Iran) by KO in round 2

3. Superfight – Welterweight
Masoud Minaei (Iran) def. Jason Woodham (United Kingdom) by KO in round 1

4. Superfight – Welterweight
Brad Riddell (New Zealand) def. Maseh Nuristani (Australia) by TKO in round 1

5. Superfight – Heavyweight
Murat Aygun (Turkey) def. Tofan Pirani (Sweden) by TKO in round 1

6. Superfight – Heavyweight
Srdjan Seleš (Serbia) def. Gaétan Sautron (France) by TKO in round 3

7. Superfight – Heavyweight
Andre Meunier (Australia) def. Naoufal Bennazous (Morocco) by TKO in round 1

8. Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal 1
Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) def. Steve Mckinnon (Australia) by decision (unanimous)

9. Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal 2
Danyo Ilunga (Germany) def. Jafar Ahmadi (Iran) by TKO in round 2

10. Superfight – Heavyweight
Ismael Lazaar (Morocco) def. Fatih Ulusoy (Turkey) by TKO in round 1 (leg injury)

11. Superfight – Heavyweight
Gokhan Saki (Turkey) def. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) by decision in round 3 (unanimous)

12. Heavyweight Tournament Final
Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) def. Danyo Ilunga (Germany) by decision after an extra round (4th)

Team Ilunga officially filed for protest right after the fight. A clearyfication will be awaited and a pressrelease will be issued right after the management gets official notification.

Source/Quelle Ergebnisse – Results: – powered by Cusley Premium Fightgear

GFC Dubai Ergebnisse – Results – Team Ilunga legt Protest gegen Urteil ein
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