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XFC 25: Boiling Point Ergebnisse – Results Ergebnisse MMA/Mixed Martial Arts,MMA/Mixed Martial Arts,XFC


Am 06.09.2013 fand XFC 25 in Albuquerque statt. Dies sind die Ergebnisse – Results: Stephanie Eggink defeats Angela Magana via Sub. TC R2 Dhiego Lima defeats Ricky Rainey via Dec. Farkhad Sharipov defeats Stephen Bass via KO/TKO R2 Ryan Thomas defeats Rocky France via Sub. TC R2 Landon Vanata defeats JP Reese via Dec. Joby

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International MMA News & Videos (englisch): 06. September 2013 Main Topics MMA Headlines, News des Tages MMA,International News


Razak’s Evan Tanner 1 short film: The Truth Behind Evan Tanner’s Death UFC Fight Night 28 TV Ratings Are Lowest Fight Night Ratings Since Fox Sports 1 Launch The Best of the East and the Best of the West are Taking Over the World of MMA World Series of Fighting 6 set for October 26

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International Muay Thai News & Videos (englisch): 06. September 2013 Lumpini & Rajadamnern Ergebnisse Muay Thai,Fightcards Muay Thai,Headlines Muay Thai,International News,Lumpini,Muay Thai,News des Tages Muay Thai,Rajadamnern

Saenchai vs. Chao Li Dao

  Lumpini Fightcard 07 September 2013 Lumpini Fightcard 06 September 2013 Lumpini Results 06 September 2013 Rajadamnern Fightcard 05 September 2013 Rajadamnern Results 05 September 2013 Tipp: Saenchai – Kongsak 04 September 2013 Rajadamnern Results 04 September 2013 Muay Thai Videos Muay Thai Videos, Dokus & Interviews: Muay Ties Neu: Buakaw Doku – Buakaw Docu

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