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International MMA News & Videos (englisch): 27. August 2013 Main Topics MMA Headlines, News des Tages MMA,International News


Josh Barnett Ready to Make the First Defense of the UFC Title He Won a Decade Ago ONE FC’s Victor Cui named one of the 25 Most Influential People in MMA Vitor Belfort says TRT isnt the reason why hes fighting in Brazil Kenny Florian analyzes the hometown (dis)advantage GLADIATOR 61 “MACH Festival” Fight card

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International Muay Thai News & Videos (englisch): 27. August 2013 Lumpini & Rajadamnern Ergebnisse Muay Thai,Fightcards Muay Thai,Headlines Muay Thai,International News,Lumpini,Muay Thai,News des Tages Muay Thai,Rajadamnern

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