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FFC 14 Ljubljana: Interview – Lemmy Krušič FFC,Interviews MMA/Mixed Martial Arts

Lemmy Krušič

Krušič: Račić and I are not the same fighters we were four years ago when he defeated me In the upcoming two to three weeks, Lemmy Krušič will definitely be in the center of attention when it comes to regional combat sports scene since he is to headline the FFC 14 event that is to

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FFC 14 Ljubljana: Interview – Stipe Bekavac FFC,Interviews MMA/Mixed Martial Arts


I might be the favorite in Ljubljana, but anything is possible  At the very beginning of October, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana will once again host an FFC event. Slovenian combat sports lovers will have a new opportunity to enjoy performances by some of the best fighters in the region. This time first FFC title

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